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Standing Moon and Circle Alignment

This WordPress thing is pushing my boundaries in many ways, so it is important to remember this is a fun learning experiment….just like life should be! 🙂

So this post will be the first totally mobile attempt. Here goes!

The piece today is a design that people call azimuths or alignments.

Whatever, it is fun to play with the design. Some are different metals, some spin, some are different sizes.  This one is about three feet tall.


3 thoughts on “Standing Moon and Circle Alignment

  1. New word — azimuths. You stretch my mind.

  2. I didn’t call them that but it sounded good. A fun thing about making art is seeing people respond and hearing the comments. Not always what is expected but interesting.

  3. […] were made the year I was playing with standing mobiles that were stacked up circles. An image of one was posted a week or so ago. From that design it wasn’t a big leap to make […]

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