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Really? In one post? The answer to both questions is I don’t really know.

Easy answers are I am Chris Pollock and I am blogging this post because my Blogging 101 assignment today is to do so.

The deeper answers are more detailed and mysterious. Beyond my “hen pecking” keyboard skills and literary inabilities.

I suppose an outline with an intro, bibliography and some philosophy with a purposeful conclusion would be in order here. Yeah, no, I’d rather dig a ditch!

In an attempt at keeping to the point I will define myself as mostly undefined. How’s that for avoiding the point? Seriously now, if I answer the “why am I here” part first it might work better.

I am here at Blogging 101 because one of the parts of “who I am” is a disorganized artist that really would like better publicity, record keeping, networking etc. etc.  My blog so far is a photo record of work done with some comments. The purpose of trying “Blogging 101” is to improve my site/blog and to learn skills and methods that will promote, record, and organize the artist part of who I am.

Here is an example of my blog. It is what I planned for tonight’s post.

Made this about 8-10 years ago. Not sure what it is or what to call it. Pretty sure it was sold years ago. It was more playing with metal. The junkyard had a bunch of sheet aluminum and it turned into many objects. Still have some but I used all of the best stuff. This piece is 4-5 feet tall.


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