Invasion of the Stick People

Never before have there been so many stick pieces in progress at the same time. There are 35-40 pieces trying to get done enough to move out of the studio and into lives of there own. They are being done step by step in a “batch” process. The matching, sizing, rough shaping and temporary joining are done. The Pinning, glueing and final sanding/detailing is in process. The pinning requires some tricky drilling that really has to be done holding the piece in my hand guiding the drill bit through the points of contact. Sometimes this is not easy and often the drill bit comes close or even touches my fingers. Some of the smaller sticks need a starting hole made by an awl so the drill bit does not “walk” off the point. Many of the “pins” or doweling on the small pieces are simply tooth picks pushed through the holes and glued.

Anyway, all this to say that in the last round of stick work I managed to poke holes in myself with a drill bit, an awl, and two toothpicks!

Time to do something else for awhile!


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  1. These are pretty cool. I like them a lot.


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