Strange Face Take Two

Yes this post was up for a short time. My wife made me take it down. There is a widget in the side bar of her blog Techie Family that shows my posts. It just so happened I posted one of her least favorites just as she was using screen shots of her blog for a presentation. Being a good sport I took it down. It is quite ugly. I just made it messing around one day. Whatever, here it is back from banishment and on the record of stuff I make.

I am playing with gif files and think this one is funny. My hope is that gif files will present the kinetic pieces better than pictures or imbedded videos. We will see.ย Whatever, here it is back from banishment and on the record of stuff I make.


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  1. Kind of looks like an alligator’s head.


  2. Correction. You offered to take it down (cuz that’s the kind of awesome guy you are), and I accepted the offer ๐Ÿ™‚ I do appreciate it, though, and the screencasts came out great with your mobiles on the side.


  3. Most amusing, you two. I’m glad that piece of art is not hanging in my house, because I have many others of yours that are far prettier.

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