Wood You Like to Dance? Art Asked. Stick Sculpture #8915

Stick art August is still on schedule!

Doing art is addictive!

There are so many things I do and have done. If there was a post about all of that it would be by far my longest post.

Of that long list the only thing that makes me want to do more and more of is artwork.

This week the duties of my scattered life were mostly auto mechanics and property maintenance. I am pretty good at both and accomplishing those tasks is rewarding to me.

It’s just not the same approach as doing artistic work. I want to do it and get it done right so it’s fixed and won’t have to be done again!

Artwork is like I want to do it once, play with it, do it again with a little tweak, fool with it some more and maybe a bunch of variations of whatever it is because it’s fun to see what happens.

This does not happen when I am tearing down a dusty plaster ceiling or absorbing petroleum products under a vehicle.


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  1. You feel about art the way I feel about writing. You have to do the mundane stuff, but what fun it is to create things!


  2. Forgot to say I absolutely adore the title of this post. You knew I wood.


  3. Beautiful piece Chris. Balance is key – love it.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Can’t reach the right adjective to express my love it but I do I do


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