Early Pollock Mobile Orange Squares

Found this image of a mobile I had forgotten about. The date of the file is 2002. It could be older.

Seems like black circles were not the only mobiles I was making at that time.

Orange squares/black circles?

Hopefully it is indicative of artistic experimentation.

Funny I recently did orange circles!

Time for some black circles? That would balance it out!

It’s all about balance.

Christopher Pollock art Orange Squares

Christopher Pollock art Orange Squares

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  1. And you are very well balanced! Don’t forget, I’ve seen you upside down on a skateboard!


    • Good point! Balance and motion have always been fun to play with! There is this old family film of me on a rocking chair standing backwards holding the back of the chair rocking to the point of almost tipping over playing with the balance! Don’t think I had even learned to walk yet! It comes so close to a crash someone’s hand appears and grabs the chair!


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