Shopping in the boondocks had its limitations. My budget did too.(still does!) I was just starting to produce sculpture. Why not make a few gifts? So it began. Many years ago. The Pollock Collection. 2001-Present. Funny thing though, the artwork that was being made at that time really didn’t have a holiday theme. (frogs? really?) That has changed over the years. Frog mobiles were first because thats what I was working on at that point. They were well received so I kept making artistic gifts as well as other sculptures. The gift designs have become more winter holiday themed and often relate to life events and artworks during the year prior. Twenty years so far are done and documented on the blog page of this site. Still trying to remember the exact order.

This piece is available, purchase details are below.

Purchasing and delivery options are unlimited. I am open to almost any form of compensation. Prices include shipping, insurance and tracking in the lower 48 states.

Along with sales and specials, there are discounts for comments from followers (5%), other active links/reviews/testimonials (5%), referrals (5% of referred sale), repeat customer (10% of last purchase), up to 25% off.

Guaranty. No questions asked returns, 30 days full refund. Buyer returns undamaged product.


Copper Frog Mobile

buy now for


If buying now include shipping/delivery information in the message box below.

Contact me for other payment options or details of discounts. Your general questions and comments are also encouraged.

Thanks, Chris 🙂

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