The Kind of Artwork I Love to do

Some of the artwork this winter was making a few of these black and white mobiles. They are very much like the mobiles I remember seeing years ago that caught my eye and inspired me.

Two of this style were commissioned, delivered and installed. The one pictured makes me very happy since it is hanging in the place where my artistic awakening happened.

My seventeen year old, rather non-artistic, self met a unique person who was just about to begin building house like no other. Being on that job and others that followed saved me from a “normal” life.

Most of what you see in this picture is work we did. Not just building the objects but cutting and debarking the trees, milling the exposed framing, gathering the limbs and branches for the railings… I could go on and on. Basically every step of every process from the ground up. (some below ground!)  Sadly my photos do not do it justice.  wp-1448419198949.jpeg


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  1. History with pictures! Reading about your start in the artistic world was fun. I have a photo of a tree in the Biltmore garden I took for you.


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