Lost Artist

What happened?

If you follow my wife’s blog  chrissie.blog you know that this summer we have moved from our Western New York home of 25 years to my mother’s family home of 70+ years in Northern New York .

Also, all three of our children pretty much left the nest in June.(Coincidentally all on the same day!)

Purging everyone’s (some of us are/were hoarders) combined collections of everything for roughly 100 years is overwhelming. If each person’s years of storing stuff were added together there could be thousands of “hoarder years” accumulated.

A good blogger would have fun with this. I just want my life back.

My old garage/studio is almost moved.

The bigger new barn/studio is now a dysfunctional mix of everything imaginable. At least the avalanches of random collectables have become a less frequent hazard!

The cars (6) were not even visible buried under the “treasures”.

So far two of the cars and everything in, on and under them have been extracted.

Meanwhile there was this building project. I know it will be stuffed full soon.

Needless to say more artwork has been stored than made lately.

The good news is that artist part of me is leaving clues as to where he is. Surely he will show up soon, right where I left him, in plain sight.

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  1. It will certainly be nice to hear when the artist is happily back to creating things. I hope you will post things here again.


    • Thanks Anne, this transition is all over the board! It seems so random, out of order and undisciplined. Good news is chaos has a lot to teach us and it is good for the imagination. For the most part this artist is happy. I do not believe anyone creates anything tangible. Humans can only rearrange matter and recently there’s literally tons of rearranging going on! I will continue to post here. Probably in a random, out of order and undisciplined manner! The artist is doing some rearrangement of matter hopefully worthy of posting as artwork. Thanks for the comment and visiting the site!


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