Robin’s Cabin

This post is mainly to try out the new theme.

We are traveling at the moment and there is plenty of time to play with WordPress.

Getting far away from most of “it all” is allowing opportunities to focus on the projects that are more portable and intrinsic than recent workloads.

Before marriage and children life was more nomadic. It seems like we are edging back to a less rooted existence. Boats, cabins, trailers, tents, B&B’s, worksites and more have been fine temporary homes. We knew that was not our vision of raising a family. So we stayed put and tried to do the “normal” family thing for 20+ years.

There were a few places that served as get aways during those years. Places where we would spend some time traveling, working and visiting. Robin’s cabin was one of those places.

It is included in this site because I helped build it. It sits in the woods not far from the main house and is used as a guest house and studio. It is perfect for a quiet, private respite. It is also a great place for writing and artwork. Several of my pieces have been made or designed there.

More photos would be nice. Maybe an update someday. Just wanted to document it in this blog/site and test the new theme.


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  1. I like your new theme and look forward to seeing your art displayed here. Way to go!

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