The 2017 Christmas decoration came out like this.

I was not very excited about it this time. The design usually comes from the forms of recent artwork projects.

This year more time was spent packing and moving art than making it.

So, it makes sense that this is an old shape with a little holiday add on.

The good part is no one hated it and a few thought it was the best yet!

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  1. I was looking at ours, which is another precious piece in our collection. There are so many bends in the wires. Do your hands get terribly tired when doing one of these?

  2. I think I could stare at this one forever. It’s adorable!

  3. Last night neighbor Shawn came in for the New Year’s Eve party and sat down near the fireplace. She said, “Where is this year’s mobile?”

    I handed it to her and said what it was. She said, “That’s great that he included experiences of his life this year.”

    When I told John, he said I should be sure to let you know that another artist was asking about your work. She, more than most, can appreciate your creative spirit.

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