Flatcoat Retriever

This project was done to commemorate a loved pet. About 14 inches tall, sheet metal, wire and paint.

We see many portraits of pets, yet not so many sculptures of them. We have many images of our pets in the house, zero sculptures, and there’s a sculptor in the family.

I’m sure if sculpture didn’t take up floor or shelf space, needed as little dusting as 2-D art, and covered wall blemishes as easily as a painting, things would be different.

So, personalized pet products it is. It was fun to do. This one is suppose to be a Flat Coat Retriever. Not sure if I’ll do more or try other breeds, maybe our pets or wildlife….SQUIRREL!!!

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  1. That dog is the cutest thing!! Its tail wags almost as well as Sadie’s does.


  2. This is really neat!! How creative!


  3. We love our Sebago ! She is perfect and we have her in our front hall so whenever the door opens she wags her tail and moves her head! Chris is a gem and we loved working with him! Thank you thank you thank you!!


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