Website Guide Post

Current sales, discounts and promotions are the purpose of this post. There is also some general website information. It will remain as a “sticky” post at the top left of my blog page just below the menu.

The menu has a Blog page that is basically a diary of my artwork.

Next to that is the Purchase page of pieces available for sale and how to acquire them.

There is an About page and a services page on the menu as well.

Please use the contact page for any reason. If you have a preferred method of communicating put it in the comment. Phone calls, texts, video chats are all options.

Current sale is 25% off any item on the Purchase page. This can be combined with the other ongoing promotions for up to 50% off!

Ongoing promotions are discounts for comments from followers (5%), other active links/reviews/testimonials (5%), referrals (5% of referred sale), repeat customer (10% of last purchase), up to 25% off.

Thank you for visiting. Come back anytime and see what’s next:)


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