Reintroducing really. is my DIY “how to” video site that was launched recently launched using new to me (full site) editing tools. There may be a few restarts here.

This is the first video and more are coming. Any feedback is welcome.

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  1. I didn’t notice the colored paper before. My first thought was that the wire pieces were place card holders. I haven’t used place cards for 50 years. We have an angel that can hold paper, and I sometimes put it on the kitchen counter with a note I want people to be sure to see. What do you use yours for?


    • I use mine mostly for forgiveness.
      We use one at every table, often every seat at important tables. They call attention to a place, note or picture and hopefully their meaning.
      The reception area of my studio has them on the countertop and shelves displaying information and prices.
      My favorite is to wrap the spiral base around a bottle top. A bottle of her favorite, embellished with a handmade heart and note containing those three magic words, ”you’re right dear” becomes liquid forgiveness! That’s what I NEED it for, forgiveness!
      Your inquiry inspires additional images of practical uses for these crafts in future videos. Thanks for your ?s/comments.


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