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Cock-A-Doodle-Do Rooster Mobile

Thanks to a helpful collector, the rooster mobile design is now documented and shareable. Apologies if there are too many similar wire posts in a row. Tomorrow’s image will not be wire art! Also, there will be no more rooster/turkey/Thanksgiving comments this year. However a 13-days-of-Christmas (yes 13)┬áseries of posts is on the way for your viewing pleasure!


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Stick Couple Lamp

O.K. This word press thing is cool. There are the encouraging emails benchmarking progress, and info about people following this experiment (thank you all!) and suggestions about what to do like “add more to your about me page” (I will!) and well, it is inspiring some interesting plans.

Todays post  is an introduction to stick people. Finding, sizing, matching, shaping and presenting them a fun process. Keep a look out and you may see them in your woods or brush pile!

These sticks paired well to form a lamp I made awhile ago.


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Do You Believe in Angels?

Today’s memorial for my friend’s father brought to mind a wide spectrum of thoughts and feelings. Through it all a belief that seeking the good in all things and people (especially ourselves) is a great way to respond the adversities of our human experience.

Today’s experiment with this still new to me WordPress thing is to do a video image. ┬áThis “angel” is one of the Christmas designs, a category in the making, and a kinetic a category in motion!


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We Were Supposed to be Getting Firewood! (Elmer Ashley)

IMG_2399OK. Trying to figure this WordPress thing out! The first part is trial and error. Practice usually builds skill and experience. Just planning on adding pictures of my artwork and some text. I did post two pics of “Term Oil” but failed at the insertion of a description of the piece and it’s history. Probably a good thing in this case due to the social and emotional aspects of it. I don’t usually make things like that but I needed to vent!

Anyway Here is a happier piece!