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Large Black Triangle “S” With Circles

Really? In one post? The answer to both questions is I don’t really know.

Easy answers are I am Chris Pollock and I am blogging this post because my Blogging 101 assignment today is to do so.

The deeper answers are more detailed and mysterious. Beyond my “hen pecking” keyboard skills and literary inabilities.

I suppose an outline with an intro, bibliography and some philosophy with a purposeful conclusion would be in order here. Yeah, no, I’d rather dig a ditch!

In an attempt at keeping to the point I will define myself as mostly undefined. How’s that for avoiding the point? Seriously now, if I answer the “why am I here” part first it might work better.

I am here at Blogging 101 because one of the parts of “who I am” is a disorganized artist that really would like better publicity, record keeping, networking etc. etc.  My blog so far is a photo record of work done with some comments. The purpose of trying “Blogging 101” is to improve my site/blog and to learn skills and methods that will promote, record, and organize the artist part of who I am.

Here is an example of my blog. It is what I planned for tonight’s post.

Made this about 8-10 years ago. Not sure what it is or what to call it. Pretty sure it was sold years ago. It was more playing with metal. The junkyard had a bunch of sheet aluminum and it turned into many objects. Still have some but I used all of the best stuff. This piece is 4-5 feet tall.


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I think there have been 5-10 of these so far. The first one was a little bigger with more elements. Some are sheet metal and some are sheet composite. I know where the original is and will ask the owner for an image for the record. This was the piece that inspired Christmas Spiral Ornament since it was a new design that year.

IMG_1074      IMG_1212

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Dancing Dinosaurs

Plumbing is one of many areas of experience this life has blessed/cursed me with. These copper dinosaurs were made from scrap 3/4″ 90 degree fittings. There are 3-5 of them and a few turtles too. The first was a turtle that I made because Don, the cranky old plumber that pestered me into working with him got mad at me for messing up a fitting. Even though it was his bullheaded persistence that caused it he blamed me for wasting material. I was unhappy and when unhappiness happens it’s off to the studio with me. The “wasted” fitting was shaped into a turtle and presented to Don. I said to him,  “see nothing in this world is ever really wasted”. He picked it up and looked it over and said to me, ” how much time did you WASTE on that?”!

Funny thing is he eventually had me make a dinosaur for his grandchild!


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Black Standing S Shape Mobile

This piece is painted sheet metal and wire. It is about two feet tall. I do seem to do a lot of black. Black does seem to go with everything. Flat black is not hard to touch up like colors and other finishes. Bottom line is I suck at colors. Building and shaping and balancing are my interests. More color would probably be good. I will try to try.


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Black and White Balanced S Shapes with circle mobiles

The balanced S shapes are fun to make. There are quite a few of these and more to come. They are simply balanced on points recessed into the shape above. This gives them great movement. It also allows the pieces to come apart for ease of storage, shipping and cleaning. It does totally freak out the poor soul that spun it around too hard (or cat that played with it) when it comes crashing down! No worries, they are graceful and tough.


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My First Mobile

Living in Western New York was never the plan. It seems to be the best choice for our family so that is where we intend to be until the ” nest” is empty. The art focused work and influence life in Connecticut had offered could not be found. Missing that it was only natural to just do it myself. This is when making mobiles started for me. My first mobile is weathered copper and wire that was cluttering the garage in Belfast. Soon that garage became my first studio!