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Alligator or Crocodile

This mobile is one of 5-10 produced. Still trying to find all the records. I haven’t made any of these for years. They are weathered copper and wire. There was a reptile period back then with frogs (will post soon) and lizards.

They probably are more crocodile than alligator due to all the “teeth” but whatever, realism is not my thing. We have enough of that! These pieces are 2-3 feet long.                                                                                                IMG_2043

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This piece was not a political statement. It is simply an elephant. It was well received by some of the same people who did not like “Term Oil”. Go figure!

3-5 of these elephants have been made. They are 12-18 inches tall and made of sheet metal and wire.                                                                         26454_412269332428_7731104_n

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Lizard Mobile

Hope you enjoyed the Christmas gift posts. Today’s post is a weathered sheet copper lizard. This mobile is made from scraps of old copper and various gauges of wire balanced to form a lizard shape. I have made 10-20 of them so far. They are part of a reptile theme that includes frogs, crocodiles and lizards.                                                                                       IMG_1991

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Cosmic cactus

So it would be wise to have a bunch of pics and a couple lines of text ready to post for the nights when crap hits the fan!

Thanks kids for f-ing up.

Yes there are three sons to deal with in this  artist’s life! Tonight it is like the fan is crapping! Anyway, here is the cosmic cactus, tonight’s post (totally mobile!) Don’t tell the kids cuz it’s total karma bite back!


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Standing Moon and Circle Alignment

This WordPress thing is pushing my boundaries in many ways, so it is important to remember this is a fun learning experiment….just like life should be! 🙂

So this post will be the first totally mobile attempt. Here goes!

The piece today is a design that people call azimuths or alignments.

Whatever, it is fun to play with the design. Some are different metals, some spin, some are different sizes.  This one is about three feet tall.


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Cock-A-Doodle-Do Rooster Mobile

Thanks to a helpful collector, the rooster mobile design is now documented and shareable. Apologies if there are too many similar wire posts in a row. Tomorrow’s image will not be wire art! Also, there will be no more rooster/turkey/Thanksgiving comments this year. However a 13-days-of-Christmas (yes 13) series of posts is on the way for your viewing pleasure!