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10/29/14 Stick Couple

WordPress is amazing! The last thing someone like me wants to do is write. WordPress and this awesome community helps make it possible to enjoy this dreaded process of record keeping.  It is important to keep track and share things. Doing this blog should help those areas and improve digital skills too.

As more images are added there will different pages and categories of the kinds of work, shows, galleries etc. This will take time and some help from those collectors and patrons who are willing to send pictures of pieces I may have lost track of or have no images of. Anyway here is the latest addition to this compilation.                                                                             IMG_2192

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The Tree Lent a Hand. Wood You?

Finding human shapes in trees and sticks helps one to view the environment in a different way. It is harder than you might think.

Sometimes there are extra branches and you can choose posture and expression depending on which ones you keep or cut. Most of the time they are almost workable but not quite right.

There are many works of mine like this and hopefully over time all of them will be recorded here in this blog.


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Stick People Picture Frames

There are a few of these picture frames around. This one is an early one. At first I was being even more minimal and not rounding heads or sanding much. The “naked” dancing stickman in the picture frame is 7-8 feet tall and an early piece as well. He was not bashful and got lots of interesting and diverse comments wherever he danced.


This picture frame holds two photos and hangs from the wall. They are early pieces as well. Sticks are found, sized, matched, positioned and pinned with doweling and glue. Then the photo is trimmed to fit and a backing (usually a cereal box) is cut to match. Black silicone glues it in place.




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Stick People

Have there been any dancing stick couples in this blog yet? There are many of these out there. More than I remember. That is one of the many reasons for the photos and this blog. So today’s blog blurt/post is this stick couple dancing. It’s two sticks, matched, sized and shaped, then positioned and pined with wood dowels and glue.