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Week of Sticks Day 5 #62915

Day 5 of wood art stick sculpture. This is a very early dancing stick couple. The early pieces do not have rounded heads. At first the concept was to wore the art as little as possible. Looking back at it I like the idea and it would wear my hands out less than all the sanding I do now. The round heads and smoother bodies are probably worth the work and some day I may even play with other detail. Who knows?

The feathers are all that was left of “Brutus” the rooster after he attacked one of my sons and gashed his eye.  He belonged to our neighbor but thought he dominated the neighborhood.  By the time the doctor’s visit was over his owner made sure Brutis was gone. Bad day for everyone. Guess I was trying to make something other than disaster from that day!

That was years ago. My son’s eye has healed and he’s ok.  Never asked exactly what became of Brutus.


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A Week of Stick People #62515

Dancing stick couple week! Finished many stick art pieces and took some pictures. I try to mix the different kinds of artwork as not to post too many similar examples in a row. Never before have there been so many stick and twig pieces happening at the same time so I’m doing stick week.


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Strange Face Take Two

Yes this post was up for a short time. My wife made me take it down. There is a widget in the side bar of her blog Techie Family that shows my posts. It just so happened I posted one of her least favorites just as she was using screen shots of her blog for a presentation. Being a good sport I took it down. It is quite ugly. I just made it messing around one day. Whatever, here it is back from banishment and on the record of stuff I make.

I am playing with gif files and think this one is funny. My hope is that gif files will present the kinetic pieces better than pictures or imbedded videos. We will see. Whatever, here it is back from banishment and on the record of stuff I make.


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Stick Couple 62115

Thanks to all of you following this blog record of my art journey. This weekend my WordPress followers and page views toped 100 for the first time! It seems like the home page is being discovered and not just the posts. There’s like 100+ pictures to click on and read the posts or click on the picture again to enlarge it and again to magnify it. All of this helps my artwork and computer abilities. 🙂


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Cedar Addition

At the ripe old age of 17 a chance meeting led me to an opportunity to help build an amazing house. All trees and logs. No plywood. No sheetrock. All natural. It is featured in a book called Woodland Style. The experiences and people there are why I allow myself to make the things I make now.

This photo is of an addition we did years later. All the framing logs are cedar. There are four of my pieces in this picture. A large stick couple. A standing copper circles piece. A people fish on the cool tri-forked  table the owner (yes, artist too!) made, and a ring of stick people that also made it into the Woodland style book!


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Stick Couple 61715

There are so many stick couples done and posted that titles are just going to be “Stick Couple” with the date posted following. No one knows for sure how many I have done so far or will do in the future so numbering them is not going to work. The order of them will have nothing to do with when they were made since I keep running into older ones here and there. It seems to me to be a better way of keeping track of them than trying to make up titles or having a bunch of posts with the same title.


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Incense Oil Burner Candle

This stick people incense set is the only one designed to burn oil scents. One of the hanging stick person shape holds a “pan” of copper over a candle and heats the oil. The smaller couple is for holding cone incense. I will mention again that there are no more burning pieces being made from combustable material. Bad idea unless you need to get a fire started!