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 Lost Artist

Framing Nic's Barn

What happened?

If you follow my wife’s blog you know that this summer we have moved from our Western New York home of 25 years to my mother’s family home of 70+ years in Northern New York .

Also, all three of our children pretty much left the nest in June.(Coincidentally all on the same day!)

Purging everyone’s (some of us are/were hoarders) combined collections of everything for roughly 100 years is overwhelming. If each person’s years of storing stuff were added together there could be thousands of “hoarder years” accumulated.

A good blogger would have fun with this. I just want my life back.

My old garage/studio is almost moved.

The bigger new barn/studio is now a dysfunctional mix of everything imaginable. At least the avalanches of random collectables have become a less frequent hazard!

The cars (6) were not even visible buried under the “treasures”.

So far two of the cars and everything in, on and under them have been extracted.

Meanwhile there was this building project. I know it will be stuffed full soon.

Needless to say more artwork has been stored than made lately.

The good news is that artist part of me is leaving clues as to where he is. Surely he will show up soon, right where I left him, in plain sight.

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Stick Art August Sculpture #82015

Wood will waltz,

twigs do jigs,

branches boogie,

smooth stick sculpture steps,

trees tango,

plants dance,

funky forest,

jungle jamming,

roots rocking,

shrubs shuffling,

arboretum artwork,

botanical ballroom…

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #82015
Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #82015
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Stick Sculpture August Continued #8615

What’s brown and sticky? The three year old asked with a big smile.

Was afraid to answer because it was a set up. “Don’t know”, I said.

“A STICK!”, said the now laughing little joker!

Love little kid jokes.

Art and all forms of creativity require that kind of freedom and license.

Doing art helps keep it.

One more while we’re on the subject, when is the best time to go to the dentist?

Tooth-hurty! 🙂

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #8615
Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #8615



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Outdoor Studio

Behind the studio (garage overrun by artwork) there is this space that is perfect for outdoor work. It is a convenient out of the way place close to everything needed yet it is as out of the way as possible given our little downtown location. The garden is right there so it is easy to take short breaks and tend to it as well. Between the garden and the apple tree plenty of fresh snacks are provided and from summer to fall I can stop calling myself a starving artist! 🍎🍅🍓🌽

wpid-wp-1432523627356.jpegWorking on stick couples.

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Stick Couple Lamp

O.K. This word press thing is cool. There are the encouraging emails benchmarking progress, and info about people following this experiment (thank you all!) and suggestions about what to do like “add more to your about me page” (I will!) and well, it is inspiring some interesting plans.

Todays post  is an introduction to stick people. Finding, sizing, matching, shaping and presenting them a fun process. Keep a look out and you may see them in your woods or brush pile!

These sticks paired well to form a lamp I made awhile ago.