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11/14 Years of Christmas Gifts

Christmas Reignmoose
Christmas Reignmoose
Christmas Reignmoose

The fourth year (? the order of years 4-9 is still being debated!) of making Christmas artwork was this attempt at a reindeer. It is a kinetic hanging ornament that articulates in three places giving its legs, body and head independent motion.

The antlers do give it a moose-like appearance so we like to call it a reinmoose!



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12/14 Years of Christmas Gift Art

The third year of making Christmas gift art was this brass wire ornament. It is a spiral tree shape with a star on top inside another spiral representing a traditional “ball” ornament.

It is shaped from a single piece of wire plus a second to make a hook for hanging. There were 30-40 of these made that year.


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Moon and Stars

This moon and stars design goes back a few years. They make good gifts for many occasions. Many of my friends have them because I’m too cheap and lazy to go out and buy something! 🙂 They’re not too hard to make so maybe there can be some “how to” categories in the future. Tomorrow is two weeks of blogging for this newbie! Thanks for the encouragement.

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Cock-A-Doodle-Do Rooster Mobile

Thanks to a helpful collector, the rooster mobile design is now documented and shareable. Apologies if there are too many similar wire posts in a row. Tomorrow’s image will not be wire art! Also, there will be no more rooster/turkey/Thanksgiving comments this year. However a 13-days-of-Christmas (yes 13) series of posts is on the way for your viewing pleasure!