Stick People Picture Frames

There are a few of these picture frames around. This one is an early one. At first I was being even more minimal and not rounding heads or sanding much. The “naked” dancing stickman in the picture frame is 7-8 feet tall and an early piece as well. He was not bashful and got lots of interesting and diverse comments wherever he danced.


This picture frame holds two photos and hangs from the wall. They are early pieces as well. Sticks are found, sized, matched, positioned and pinned with doweling and glue. Then the photo is trimmed to fit and a backing (usually a cereal box) is cut to match. Black silicone glues it in place.




About the author

Past: Tolerated the U.S. educational system as far as a Bachelors degree. Favorite sports were skateboarding, windsurfing and pole vaulting. Worked on many jobs and projects, giving me a wide variety of skills and experiences.

Present: People call me a renaissance man. I still enjoy variety and being productive. Probably why artwork is one of my lasting activities. Snowboarding and hiking are my favorite ways to recreate with my amazing wife and sons.


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