Small Wood Hand

Another hand! Not sure how many of these I have done. Finding and shaping them is very enjoyable to me. It is hard not to have favorites but it happens. Funny thing is that often my opinions don’t really matter! The opinions of gallery owners and patrons/viewers and critics determine value and appeal. What matters is that I just keep making things and remember artwork is my favorite work!

small hand wp

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  1. I just love your hands!


  2. Well, I wouldn’t worry too much about what gallery owners have to say about art. I remember Julian Schnabel’s first show in NYC, broken plates on HUGE canvas with brown paint thrown on it. Crazy what people call art, but the gallery was prestigious and the public gullible and JS made a shedload of money and now he makes films. It’s a crazy art world out there. I really like your hand sculpture. If you do what you love, then don’t worry about the rest.


    • Thank you for your comment Arlene. So true! It will be good for me to remember the fun and freedom and other benefits art brings to us all. I am fortunate enough to have more time to spend on my work for awhile and will use your complements and wisdom along the way.

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  3. Your artwork with hands brings awareness to hands. Just being with hands. Hands typing. We usually think that it’s our thoughts that move our hands. But when I really become aware of my hands moving- like with typing- they are actually moving faster than I can think. It shows me the I am not my thoughts or my hands, I am the awareness in which hands move and thoughts arise. Lovely Art Work! Thank you.

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