Years ago I was asked to try to do a mobile of a flute. This is it. Only one was made. It was to hang in a flute teacher’s office.

The Blogging 101 course continues and the last task of commenting on four new blogs was done and now I am to link to one of them.

If you are learning how to do the WordPress thing and want to mess around with themes and appearance go to Daily Post and bookmark Andrea Badgley’s post and read the “How to Give Your Blog a Makeover”. The instructions and images are very helpful. A makeover is something I really need to do! (and my blog too!)


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  1. Thanks for continuing to visit my blog. Got any new art stuff?


    • Thanks for the comments. I am enjoying visiting your blog and others. There are always new pieces in progress. Rarely is this a one piece at a time process. The next few weeks (maybe months!) are cleared for me to focus more on artwork! I started finishing pieces lying around my studio a couple of weeks ago and have managed to make more than ten new unfinished pieces! It is just how I work! Maybe some in process posts would be interesting. Pictures of the new stuff will be trickling out eventually.

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      • I think showing the process and progression of works would be interesting. Do you get into slumps or dry spells, like “writer’s block” that I sometimes get (read “now have”)? And if so what do you call it? Anyway, I look forward to more pieces, and thanks for the continued visits. Cheers, Chris!


      • Thank you Melody. I have made several hands. Glad you like them. More to come!


      • Showing more process and work environments is a good idea. I think the dry spells and slumps are more like distractions. Making art is not something I planed on doing. It started later in life as a result of other work I do. There are still many parts of my pre-artist life that require my attention. As the years pass that changes some and there is more time and less distraction. If I do run into a “block” I usually allow myself to leave the piece alone for a while and do something else or another piece. Some pieces get set aside for a long time. It is better for me than getting stuck and there is so much else to do!


      • That’s cool that you became an artist in spite of your plans. And interesting about the artistic “block” or lack of it. I always wonder about writing vs. visual arts. And the other arts too. I’ll bet dancers don’t get “dancers’ block” but maybe composers do? Anyway, happy Valentine’s Day or Saturday, which ever you prefer to celebrate. 🙂


      • I choose both! Thanks! I hope both are are happy for you too!

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