7/14 Years of Christmas Gift Art

Year eight was this mobile ornament made from brass wire and jingle bells. 

I made 40-50 of these and one larger piece as well as some earrings using this design. 

The middle wire (I call the wires of mobiles armatures) shape has since become an often used design element in my wire sculptures and Christmas gift artwork.

8/12 Years of Christmas Gift Art Jingle Bells Ornament 8/12 Years of Christmas Gift Art Jingle Bells Ornament[/caption]




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  1. Ours is in the kitchen this year. Love having it there.

  2. Wonderful shapes and movements! There must be a lot of “trying out as you go along” when making mobiles, or at least this is how I imagine it to be… Or is it possible to calculate beforehand how to put it all together?

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