Fifteen Years of Christmas Gift Making

Somehow the Christmas gifts for last year were not documented in this blog.

They were done on time for distributing to their various locations. There were about 50 made this year.


Santa’s workshop!

This week there was some time to get ahead on the Christmas gift design for this year. The next idea is pretty much chosen. Being this far ahead of the game is rare and helpful.

Looking back at past productions it became clear that there were no records of last year’s gift.

This post attempts to remedy that.

Fifteen years of making stuff instead of only buying things has helped balance the experience of the whole gift frenzy season.

When a design works and the gift is received well it feels really good for multiple reasons.


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  1. We love everything you’ve made for us. We’re proud to be owners of many original Pollock creations.

  2. Thom and I enjoy your work year round. Some of your beautiful creations, we have hanging from our dining room light! What a special talent you have, Chris!!!!

  3. Lovely pieces of art! Thanks for the visit.

  4. I love the movement and the cheerfulness you achieve with your creations. I was able to find your blog through a link on Anne Mehrling’s blog. Keep creating!

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