A Gift

What kind of gift do you get for a talented artist sportswoman?
One answer is to ask Chris Pollock to make something for her.

“You know her Chris, something to do with art, tennis, golf… I’ll leave it up to you. Oh, and, no pressure, but her birthday is in two weeks.”

Opportunity rarely waits until you are ready. I agreed to give it a try, despite limited time, material and being away from my studio the entire time.

Wire and pliers were on hand. Sport figures and kinetic art seemed like a good mix. A painting painter, a skiing skier, a golfing golfer and a (tennising tenniser?) tennis playing tennis player.

The wire figures made sense and came into being quickly. The placement on top of the “flowers” ensures plenty of movement while bundling ties them together like some “plant” or “bouquet”.

That became the title of the piece. “Bouquet de Shelly”. Name changed to protect the innocent!

That’s that. Thought it up, bent it up, painted, packed and delivered.

On time!

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  1. What a fanciful creation! I love the way it dances as soon as you touch the base.

    This morning a mourning cove perched on the railing with its back to me. The wings looked just like the wings on the angel you made for Christmas one year! I couldn’t help but wonder if you used a dove as a model.


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