Year 19 Holiday Gift Making: A Nativity

Two abstracted human figures holding baby.

I believe in a source of all creation. Most who do define that as a God. Others believe everything exploded into existence. What was there to explode? We do not know for sure.

I will tell you for sure that there are times when it all makes me want to puke explosively.

We seem to need different brands, based on our beliefs, nationalities, preference….

These brands unite/divide, allow/exclude, give/take…

Not to mention the obvious branding of the endless choices of products we buy.

The holiday gift making started decades ago mostly due to frustration from branded human behavior.

Branded human behavior is what seems to happen when we wear certain symbols, colors, apparel… that mean we have chosen a certain side, product, gang…

There are a few stretches of our calender year when this becomes over saturated.

So I make a Mary, Joseph, Jesus piece???? Talk about more oversaturation!

There is more to this story of course, but it is the design that came to me one year and I went with it.

It seems hard to escape the bands of the brands.

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