Tupperware Art Tale

One of the many circle-in-circle mobiles was this Tupperware piece. I think it is one-of-a-kind. I made it on a whim probably just before or after a yard sale! That was years ago.

Until it returned.

Those old Tupperware plates were hovering above a dining room table instead of on it. If they had stayed on the table like good Tupperware should, they would not have flown too close to the candles.

Yes “they”.

Not just one. It seems Icarus Tupperware plate and “friends” were flying too close.

The candlelight dinner must have been a good party. The shadows from the mobile great fun. Until…

Several colors of melted mobile.

It seems Tupperware is no longer at every tag sale and thrift shop. People collect it.

Did you know that Tupperware had a product line of tiny plates called Tupper Toys? I learned this when my order of vintage tableware arrived in a puny package. Colors matched but not suitable for this repair.

The second try resulted in the proper size, thickness and colors needed for a good repair.

Since it was back in my possession I am updating the story while reminding all to collect (and protect) art and Tupperware.

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