Dancing Dinosaurs

Plumbing is one of many areas of experience this life has blessed/cursed me with. These copper dinosaurs were made from scrap 3/4″ 90 degree fittings. There are 3-5 of them and a few turtles too. The first was a turtle that I made because Don, the cranky old plumber that pestered me into working with him got mad at me for messing up a fitting. Even though it was his bullheaded persistence that caused it he blamed me for wasting material. I was unhappy and when unhappiness happens it’s off to the studio with me. The “wasted” fitting was shaped into a turtle and presented to Don. I said to him,  “see nothing in this world is ever really wasted”. He picked it up and looked it over and said to me, ” how much time did you WASTE on that?”!

Funny thing is he eventually had me make a dinosaur for his grandchild!


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