#8 of 9 Mobiles From the Old Copper Washing Machine Tub

Looking back on the winter the time spent doing these mobiles was very enjoyable. So far the pieces have been well received and more like them are waiting to be made. The slight changes keep the process from feeling like mass production yet the similarities help with keeping “in practice”. These were perfect to do after mass producing 50 or so santa ornaments for Christmas gifts. Looking forward to making more!


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  1. Love your mobiles! (I once tried making one using the rules from Alexander Calder’s instructions…mine was just card though.)


  2. Love your artwork–both the wood and the metal. You look like you’re having a lot of fun. (I always secretly wanted to be a wood carver. 🙂 I just put some collage art up and am now adding WordPress artists to my site. So you’ll be there soon.


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