August Art will be Stick People Sculptures

This blog is going to attempt to have an August schedule or it will fall into summer chaos!

Schedules are not really my style but, in this case there is the probability of prolonged posting inconsistency.

So, the August plan is to post art on this blog Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings.

There are a bunch of stick sculptures finally finished. Most of them are photographed and ready to share. I will try to do three posts a week for the month of August.

There is even the possibility of a few words along with the images.

Here is a preview of a few of the latest finished stick sculptures.

Stick Art Sculptures Christopher Pollock

Stick Art Sculptures Christopher Pollock

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  1. I adore your stick figures!!! Keep ’em coming!

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  2. Through the stick figures the lines between human and earth blur, or better yet blend. Is it a tree branch looking like humans dancing, humans in love, or is it humans looking like trees blowing in the wind? What grace! Thank you for your Stick Figures that bring us closer to our unity with Gaia.

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