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Robin’s Cabin

This post is mainly to try out the new theme.

We are traveling at the moment and there is plenty of time to play with WordPress.

Getting far away from most of “it all” is allowing opportunities to focus on the projects that are more portable and intrinsic than recent workloads.

Before marriage and children life was more nomadic. It seems like we are edging back to a less rooted existence. Boats, cabins, trailers, tents, B&B’s, worksites and more have been fine temporary homes. We knew that was not our vision of raising a family. So we stayed put and tried to do the “normal” family thing for 20+ years.

There were a few places that served as get aways during those years. Places where we would spend some time traveling, working and visiting. Robin’s cabin was one of those places.

It is included in this site because I helped build it. It sits in the woods not far from the main house and is used as a guest house and studio. It is perfect for a quiet, private respite. It is also a great place for writing and artwork. Several of my pieces have been made or designed there.

More photos would be nice. Maybe an update someday. Just wanted to document it in this blog/site and test the new theme.


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Stick (Twig) Art 011316

Small twigs, about 3 inches, cut into stick figure shapes, fastened together. One seated holding the other one that is leaping with arms high in the air.

Found some old images of early artwork.

Flat cuts and minimal shaping are telltale  signs of the first years.

Keeping track and remembering is why this blog was begun. So here is a little (about 3 inches tall) example of a twig sculpture made years ago.

Recently some photos (yes, actual photographs) were found. May have to take digital pics of the photos to keep up to date.

Early Twig People

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Dancing Stick Art 010216

Stick figure dancing couple sculpture.

Another stick sculpture to get the new year going.

This one looks like it would make a good bracelet holder!

It is not tall enough to hang ties from.

They don’t seem interested in doing much but dancing anyway.

They have done the tree thing.

They have had their leaves and seasons.

Why not just enjoy the dance?

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture
Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture
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Stick Sculpture #92515

Just keep sticking to it.

Christmas ornament prototype successful! May or may not try some tweaks.

Commissioned mobiles under construction. So far so good!

Copper pile turning green. Plenty for winter art projects.

Stick people multiplying. Stocking the winter studio for sculpture production.


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August Stick Art Sculpture #83015

Thanks for all the comments and feedback everyone!

This is it for Stick Art August! Hope you liked it.

The next round of posts will be back to a mix of woodwork, metal art and kinetic sculpture.

There are some commissions to work on and there should be a trip to my favorite gallery in Connecticut to drop off a few pieces of artwork.

There may be an opportunity to get a few pictures of some of the more artistic structures I’ve had the pleasure to build with friends.

The hope is that this will make interesting posts and add to the documentation of the work I’ve done.

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #83015
Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #83015
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Dancing Stick Sculpture #82715

Caught these two dancing around the studio.

What does this sculpture think its doing?

Its studio is a mess.

They should be cleaning not dancing.

I told them they were artwork and that means work is part of their description. “ART WORK” I said.

They just kept on dancing pretending not to hear me.

So I turned off their music.

They didn’t seem to care. They just kept on dancing!

Just as I was about to give them a lecture the little buggers reminded me that they were going to keep on dancing no matter what I said.

That is how they are, what they do, how they grew and what was done to them.

I thanked them for setting my perspective straight and turned the music back on!

That sculpture danced on and smiled at me as I continued to mess up the studio making art.

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #82715
Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #82715
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Stick People Art August Sculpture #82515

Summer is dancing by quickly.

So far the August stick art posts are on schedule.

Three sculptures a week as promised.

Easy for the stick art, they don’t have little twigs that need school clothes and other supplies.

Their family tree doesn’t have summer reunions or travel far away for vacations and visits. No packing. No cars, boats, gear, food….

I do like simple art. Just don’t confuse simple with easy! It’s hard to keep things simple.

As you may have guessed from the tone of this post things are rather busy at the moment. I’m sure many of us are going nuts trying to do all that’s expected as summer comes to an end.

Why did I not schedule posts for the whole month? Thought there was more time. Wrong!

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #
Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #82515