Stick (Twig) Art 011316

Found some old images of early artwork.

Flat cuts and minimal shaping are telltale  signs of the first years.

Keeping track and remembering is why this blog was begun. So here is a little (about 3 inches tall) example of a twig sculpture made years ago.

Recently some photos (yes, actual photographs) were found. May have to take digital pics of the photos to keep up to date.

Early Twig People

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  1. Whittled or not, these stickies project a wonderful interaction. I’m always amazed that you can see potential in a stick lying on the ground. To me it would be just a stick on the ground, or maybe a stick in the mud.

  2. So, how long ago was this?

  3. They are so beautiful and it is truly said there is beauty in everything, we have to just see it 🙂

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