Stick People Art August Sculpture #82515

Summer is dancing by quickly.

So far the August stick art posts are on schedule.

Three sculptures a week as promised.

Easy for the stick art, they don’t have little twigs that need school clothes and other supplies.

Their family tree doesn’t have summer reunions or travel far away for vacations and visits. No packing. No cars, boats, gear, food….

I do like simple art. Just don’t confuse simple with easy! It’s hard to keep things simple.

As you may have guessed from the tone of this post things are rather busy at the moment. I’m sure many of us are going nuts trying to do all that’s expected as summer comes to an end.

Why did I not schedule posts for the whole month? Thought there was more time. Wrong!

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #82515

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  1. Your frenetic activity does not seem to have impinged on this placid couple. I think they are waiting for the music to begin, and they will swirl into a graceful waltz.

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