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Stick People Art August Sculpture #82515

Summer is dancing by quickly.

So far the August stick art posts are on schedule.

Three sculptures a week as promised.

Easy for the stick art, they don’t have little twigs that need school clothes and other supplies.

Their family tree doesn’t have summer reunions or travel far away for vacations and visits. No packing. No cars, boats, gear, food….

I do like simple art. Just don’t confuse simple with easy! It’s hard to keep things simple.

As you may have guessed from the tone of this post things are rather busy at the moment. I’m sure many of us are going nuts trying to do all that’s expected as summer comes to an end.

Why did I not schedule posts for the whole month? Thought there was more time. Wrong!

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #
Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #82515
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August Sunday (Holy Post) Stick Art #82315

This stick art couple is appropriate for a Sunday post. Very holy!

As they dance and embrace I can almost hear them say. “You make me whole”.

My stick sculpture is going in a whole new direction.

Possibly a more holistic approach to practicing my art.

Hold me close” the dancers whispered.

“Hello, 911? I’d like to report a couple involved in a hold up!”.

Hold it, stop, this is getting ridiculous.

Seriously, I don’t really know why I filled this stick sculpture with holes, but it still floats!

Maybe a whole month of stick art posts is getting to me!

If you line your eye up just right you can see through the whole sculpture.

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #82315
Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #82315
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Stick Art August Sculpture #82015

Wood will waltz,

twigs do jigs,

branches boogie,

smooth stick sculpture steps,

trees tango,

plants dance,

funky forest,

jungle jamming,

roots rocking,

shrubs shuffling,

arboretum artwork,

botanical ballroom…

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #82015
Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #82015
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Twig Art Couple #81315

This stick sculpture needs to loosen up. They do seem to be into each other and dancing close but, why so stiff? Maybe they are just learning or uncomfortable having their picture taken. It could be a first time or a chaperone is watching closely. The other twigs and sticks might be scrutinizing every move. No leaves might make them feel naked? Wrong music?

Could it be that’s how they grew and how they are and that’s the way they like to dance?

I should stop judging stick people!


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Stick Sculpture August Continued #8615

What’s brown and sticky? The three year old asked with a big smile.

Was afraid to answer because it was a set up. “Don’t know”, I said.

“A STICK!”, said the now laughing little joker!

Love little kid jokes.

Art and all forms of creativity require that kind of freedom and license.

Doing art helps keep it.

One more while we’re on the subject, when is the best time to go to the dentist?

Tooth-hurty! 🙂

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #8615
Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture #8615



Posted on 2 Comments stick art sculpture #8415

Upside down. Most of the dancing wood sculptures are sticks turned upside down. Funny how the natural seems more human when it’s flipped over. These sticks are presented the way they grew. I refer to them as kickers since one “leg” of each stick “person” is kicked up.

Used individually they make cool hooks for hats or coats. I’ll do a post of some of those in the future.

This stick piece of stick art balances without the base. The little sculpture can slip into the base for added stability. Not sure if it looks better in it or out of it.

The balance was the important part so I didn’t want to attach a permanent base to it.

Today I reached 200 followers! Thank you to all of you out there for sharing your talents and time. I hope everyone finds blogging helpful and inspiring! 🙂

Stick art sculpture #8415 by Christopher Pollock
Stick art sculpture #8415 by Christopher Pollock
Stick sculpture #8415
Stick sculpture #8415
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Stick Art August Sculpture #8215 Purple Coneflowers

The cone heads were a funny Saturday Nite Live skit from last millennium. If you remember them you are probably over 50 or watch lots of old T.V. shows.

This twiggy stick sculpture has coneflower heads. Purple coneflower is also known as echinacea. Like art echinacea is good for you and looks good too!

Trees and plants are life. No trees no plants no life. What we do with them determines what kind of life.

Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture Purple Cone Flower Heads
Christopher Pollock Stick Art Sculpture Purple Cone Flower Heads
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Many of these dancing stick couples have been completed recently. Time to post the finished pieces. There are similarities and differences as you will see. This blogging as a means of record keeping is working for me. I agree with my critics that my writing style needs work. Whatever! Having images to save and share as well as dates and other documentation is far better than the notes I tried keeping when this artwork thing started to happen.