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Upside down. Most of the dancing wood sculptures are sticks turned upside down. Funny how the natural seems more human when it’s flipped over. These sticks are presented the way they grew. I refer to them as kickers since one “leg” of each stick “person” is kicked up.

Used individually they make cool hooks for hats or coats. I’ll do a post of some of those in the future.

This stick piece of stick art balances without the base. The little sculpture can slip into the base for added stability. Not sure if it looks better in it or out of it.

The balance was the important part so I didn’t want to attach a permanent base to it.

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Stick art sculpture #8415 by Christopher Pollock
Stick art sculpture #8415 by Christopher Pollock
Stick sculpture #8415
Stick sculpture #8415

2 thoughts on “ stick art sculpture #8415

  1. Love these! I’ve not seen this type before. They have so much character!

    1. Thanks! They are characters.

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