3/14 Years of Christmas Gift Art. Angel

This angel is another kinetic Christmas gift art piece made from sheet metal and wood and rivets.

It is 5″-6″ tall.


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  1. I adore our angel. Last week our 5-year-old neighbor was here, surrounded by adults. He was doing well, but he needed something to do. He was playing with our Nerf guns. His parents kept telling him not to shoot people or delicate things. My eyes lit on this angel. You can see how sturdy s/he is. I’m sure s/he volunteered for combat duty. I put her on the floor and had Logan aim at him. Perfect! Logan’s aim wasn’t very good, so he never hit the angel. His dad also took a shot, but he missed, too. I’ve decided little guardian angels have great power.

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    • Too funny! Shooting angels? Really? Nerf is so fun I’m sure all angels like to play. When the kids were younger many mobiles were used as targets and one has large open circles made for basketball hoops in motion! I love Calder’s work because it’s so playful, fun and basically indestructible! I have seen cats batting around original Calders many times! Enjoyment is the best reason to make and keep artwork. Glad to hear you are having fun with it.

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