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#8 of 9 Mobiles From the Old Copper Washing Machine Tub

Looking back on the winter the time spent doing these mobiles was very enjoyable. So far the pieces have been well received and more like them are waiting to be made. The slight changes keep the process from feeling like mass production yet the similarities help with keeping “in practice”. These were perfect to do after mass producing 50 or so santa ornaments for Christmas gifts. Looking forward to making more!


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#7 of 9 Copper Mobiles from Old Washing Machine Tub

Used up most of my weathered copper this winter doing pieces like this. The quest for more suitable material is going well. The scrap yard had some good green pieces and agreed to keep an eye out for more. Next mobiles will be aluminum for a commission so there is time to build up the copper pile.


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Another #5 of the Nine Mobiles Made from that Old Washing Machine Tub

Did you know that long ago washing machine tubs were made of copper? It was a good find at the scrap yard! Finding weathered copper with good patina on both sides always makes me happy! It makes good looking pieces too!

Also some notes about this theme. I received a comment about the image sizes being small and hard to see well. When I looked into it I discovered that when you click on the image in the post a larger image appears on a new screen. If you click again on that image it grows even larger to a full screen. I really like this theme! Next I think the text color and size needs improvement. Will work on that! Thanks for looking and following. It is encouraging.


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Nancy’s Flyer Piece

Spring is so busy. Storing all the winter toys and tools, getting lawn and garden stuff ready, moving out to the summer (garage) studio! The garage is starting to fill up with this spring’s stickpeople faster than I can sort through all the stuff piled in there over the winter!

Sorting out I found this Continue reading Nancy’s Flyer Piece