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Was Landscaping, Got distracted! (Another Hand)

We were doing a landscaping job in Sharon last summer. There were four of us that day. Two musicians and two artists subsidizing the underfunded creative work we love to do. I found a few sticks to work with. This was one.

Thanks to the Facebook and WordPress people for following this blogging logging of my artwork. Many of you like the hands I do so here is another. It is the most recent one. I believe it was completed November 2014 just before the Santa Christmas ornament production began.

Comments about the WordPress Blogging 101 course I am doing this month are in order. First of all writing, reading, photography skills and typing are very weak areas of my life so the this is a big challenge. My tag line is on hold, my ideal reader is probably someone who tolerates bad writing, a more visual person who is not picky about image quality. Yes, I have a long way to go!

I do like the interaction, comments, examples of styles, and so many other aspects of this Blogging 101 course. It is very good for someone like me since it can be taken at one’s own pace.

The editorial calendar assignment for this blog came right on my birthday! So the decision was made to take a few days off for that! Still working on a more formal plan. Probably 2-3 posts a week.


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Small Wood Hand

Another hand! Not sure how many of these I have done. Finding and shaping them is very enjoyable to me. It is hard not to have favorites but it happens. Funny thing is that often my opinions don’t really matter! The opinions of gallery owners and patrons/viewers and critics determine value and appeal. What matters is that I just keep making things and remember artwork is my favorite work!

small hand wp

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Stick Hand

I make a lot of these. Finding a cluster of branches that will work for a piece like this is more rare than one may think. It is a totally reductive process. Some raw pieces have more branches to choose the fingers from. It is good when there is a choice of the branches I cut or keep. Sometimes just having five useable branches to work with is good enough.

My favorite life lesson from this kind of process is if I go too far it will be ruined!


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Small Dancing Stick Couple

This couple is 5″-6″ tall. Again my photos do not do it justice. The positions and proportions of this piece were quite pleasing to me. This picture was taken for record keeping purposes before the blogging started. If it were still mine I think it would be given a better photo shoot.                                                                           IMG_2564

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Ring of Stick People

I have produced maybe 5 of these over the years. This is the only one in my photo library. Finding my first stick person, shortly after a great loss, helped distract my mind from grief. Now, years later, gathering stick people and making things with them makes me happy.

One of the hopes of this blog is to get images of pieces sold over the years. I will call out every so often to any collectors/patrons/owners of my work and ask for images. There are many with no photo documentation.

Thanks for looking, liking, commenting and following this project. You who know me personally understand how painfully slow and awkward my writing and record keeping can be. Good news is this blog is helping me want to try to improve.