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Locust Cross Section Sun Ray Cloud

Fooling around with this locust tree years ago and made a bunch of crosscuts because the shape was so cool. One of them turned into this.                                   IMG_1056

7 thoughts on “Locust Cross Section Sun Ray Cloud

  1. i love this, i have always wanted to get into sculpting!!! this is bad ass(:

    1. Thank you Briana. Give it a try! I appreciate your inspiring words.

      1. I’m new to painting and drawing, but its a hobby i have always wanted to pursue! if it isn’t too much to ask share my blog and maybe help me het followers(:

      2. That’s something I should learn to do. This blog thing is kind of new to me too! I am not a good writer or reader but blogging is helping. Is there a particular post you would like me to share?

      3. just whatever you like, I’m just trying to get exposure because I am hoping to make this professional enough to put on a resume. I graduate this May at Baylor and am just trying to build my resume uniquely. A follow would be nice as well(:

      4. Shared and followed! Will be looking for you in the blogosphere! 🙂

      5. THANKS!!!! And i will def try to sculpt, I just can’t promise they will be nearly as good as yours!

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