My Favorite Hand

Not sure exactly how many hands I’ve done. This is my favorite so far. It is part of a good friends collection. It was one of the first to be appraised and sold at a prices that allowed me to spend more time making art and not starve that month! If anyone knows how a freelance artist can secure a steady income please comment or write a book or blog it on WordPress. And, yes most of us already have “day” jobs!


About the author

Past: Tolerated the U.S. educational system as far as a Bachelors degree. Favorite sports were skateboarding, windsurfing and pole vaulting. Worked on many jobs and projects, giving me a wide variety of skills and experiences.

Present: People call me a renaissance man. I still enjoy variety and being productive. Probably why artwork is one of my lasting activities. Snowboarding and hiking are my favorite ways to recreate with my amazing wife and sons.



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