#9 of 9 Mobiles Made From the Old Copper Washing Machine Tub

The Last post of the winter mobile run. There are other pieces of sculpture done and coming from the smaller scraps of the washing machine tub but these nine used most of it up.

Still finishing a large (35-40) run of stick couples then on to an aluminum mobile commission job. Always collecting sticks and weathered metal or anything that looks like it may be inspiring material for whatever artwork comes after that!


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Past: Tolerated the U.S. educational system as far as a Bachelors degree. Favorite sports were skateboarding, windsurfing and pole vaulting. Worked on many jobs and projects, giving me a wide variety of skills and experiences.

Present: People call me a renaissance man. I still enjoy variety and being productive. Probably why artwork is one of my lasting activities. Snowboarding and hiking are my favorite ways to recreate with my amazing wife and sons.



    1. It turns out that as a teen one of the places I worked had an amazing Calder collection. Over the years there were many times we worked around them. I often moved them and hung them and have had the opportunity to gently “play” with quite a few. His sculpture and painting combined with a job I loved totally awakened the artist in me. Out of respect for the privacy of my friends I do not give many details but, the story is coming out bit by bit in some of my blog posts.

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