Sticking Together Arts and Crafts. Dancing Stick Couple #81115

Stick people August.

Kind of makes sense because this is the month the leaves that cover the stick people begin to die off and show the colors of the energy that they grew by.

The spectacular show of autumn will yield to winter’s interpretation of nature’s beauty.

That is when stick people are most visible.

Like winter constellations becoming visible in a galaxy of trees.


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Past: Tolerated the U.S. educational system as far as a Bachelors degree. Favorite sports were skateboarding, windsurfing and pole vaulting. Worked on many jobs and projects, giving me a wide variety of skills and experiences.

Present: People call me a renaissance man. I still enjoy variety and being productive. Probably why artwork is one of my lasting activities. Snowboarding and hiking are my favorite ways to recreate with my amazing wife and sons.



    1. Trying to be a better writer and reader. Thanks for the support. I still feel awkward writing and read painfully slow but, like many things the more one does the faster and better one becomes.

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