Sticking Together Arts and Crafts. Dancing Stick Couple #81115

Stick people August.

Kind of makes sense because this is the month the leaves that cover the stick people begin to die off and show the colors of the energy that they grew by.

The spectacular show of autumn will yield to winter’s interpretation of nature’s beauty.

That is when stick people are most visible.

Like winter constellations becoming visible in a galaxy of trees.


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  1. Your post is closer to poetry than mere prose. You are a sculptor shaping words. Watch out wordsmiths! We’re getting competition.

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  2. That’s actually very beautiful! Such a great new perspective. So many people become depressed when the leaves fall off the trees, but I suppose that’s when the stick people can dance freely.


  3. Love them – enjoy looking for cloud animations, so this will be even more fun.


  4. Reblogged this on Techie Family and commented:

    This is just beautifully written.


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