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Standing spinning brass S shapes

This piece of sculpture will not stand up unless the top pieces are counterbalancing it. Sort of like life, you better keep it together through all this spinning around or you’re going to come crashing down!

The art of living!

Balance and counterbalance!

I made many art pieces made from salvaged brass from kick plates that are meant to protect the bottom of doors.

Mostly mobiles and Christmas gifts.

This is the only one of this design  made so far.

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Balancing Copper “S” Sculpture

Finding the balance point to make a small indent is the tricky part. The kinds of material and embellishments keep the work from being too repetitious. Minimal and simple pieces that become something beyond their basic components are often my favorite art forms.

Like two sticks or some wire, or in this case three scraps of copper and a washer.

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My Father’s 70th Birthday Gift (Penny Mobile Art)

There is this mobile hanging in the back stairway of my mother’s house. It is a mobile made from pennies. The picture is the best I could do given the space and my poor photography skills.

My dad was a coin collector as was his father. They got me into it as a boy and I still enjoy it. His 70th birthday was coming up and it was a big deal. He was a good man and father, the best man at my wedding, and had put up with years of me being other than good, so maybe a unique gift was in order. I had recently realized that I was an artist so some sculpture seemed like a god idea.

I had been fooling around with mobiles made of circles and when the idea of doing one of pennies came to mind it seemed fitting. Seventy cents seemed like it fit my budget too! I started by gathering 1932-2002 pennies. The mobile is basically eight little mobiles balanced into one big one. Each decade of pennies is it’s own different shape. The bottom starts with a 1932 Lincoln cent and the top (last) is 2002.

On a visit to our house he came out to the studio while it was under construction. Fortunately it was flat on the bench and in pieces so he never had a clue. It was completed on time and I hung it where it now is. Boxing it up and gift wrapping it was not happening!

He liked it.

I planed to add more as he grew older. Dad lived to be 80 so maybe I should finish that piece of artwork, or just leave it like it is.

Penny Mobile Kinetic Art Sculpture
Penny Mobile Kinetic Art Sculpture
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#9 of 9 Mobiles Made From the Old Copper Washing Machine Tub

The Last post of the winter mobile run. There are other pieces of sculpture done and coming from the smaller scraps of the washing machine tub but these nine used most of it up.

Still finishing a large (35-40) run of stick couples then on to an aluminum mobile commission job. Always collecting sticks and weathered metal or anything that looks like it may be inspiring material for whatever artwork comes after that!


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#8 of 9 Mobiles From the Old Copper Washing Machine Tub

Looking back on the winter the time spent doing these mobiles was very enjoyable. So far the pieces have been well received and more like them are waiting to be made. The slight changes keep the process from feeling like mass production yet the similarities help with keeping “in practice”. These were perfect to do after mass producing 50 or so santa ornaments for Christmas gifts. Looking forward to making more!


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Stick Couple 61715

There are so many stick couples done and posted that titles are just going to be “Stick Couple” with the date posted following. No one knows for sure how many I have done so far or will do in the future so numbering them is not going to work. The order of them will have nothing to do with when they were made since I keep running into older ones here and there. It seems to me to be a better way of keeping track of them than trying to make up titles or having a bunch of posts with the same title.


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Incense Oil Burner Candle

This stick people incense set is the only one designed to burn oil scents. One of the hanging stick person shape holds a “pan” of copper over a candle and heats the oil. The smaller couple is for holding cone incense. I will mention again that there are no more burning pieces being made from combustable material. Bad idea unless you need to get a fire started!


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#7 of 9 Copper Mobiles from Old Washing Machine Tub

Used up most of my weathered copper this winter doing pieces like this. The quest for more suitable material is going well. The scrap yard had some good green pieces and agreed to keep an eye out for more. Next mobiles will be aluminum for a commission so there is time to build up the copper pile.