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Fourteen years of Christmas Gift Art

Weathered copper frog mobile on lily pad

Christmas shopping in the boondocks had its limitations. My budget did too.(still does!)

I was just starting to produce sculpture.

Why not make a few gifts? So it began. Fourteen years ago. The Pollock Christmas collection.

Funny thing though, the artwork that was being made at that time really didn’t have a Christmas theme. (frogs? really?)That has changed over the years.

Frog mobiles were first because thats what I was working on at that point. They were well received so I kept making artistic gifts as well as other sculptures.

The posts from now thru Christmas will be of the Christmas  gifts I made for friends and family instead of shopping.


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Orange Circles Mobile

I need to find a better place to hang this mobile. It’s pretty big and needs a high ceiling.

Orange Circle Mobile Christopher Pollock Art
Orange Circle Mobile Christopher Pollock Art

It would be okay hanging from a low ceiling but the view from below would be missed.


Orange Circle Mobile From Below Christopher Pollock Art
Orange Circle Mobile From Below Christopher Pollock Art


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Spinning Wire with Circles

Spinning Art Mobile Christopher Pollock Art

I love to post pictures of my artwork in this location.

This is a standing spinning mobile made of wire and sheet metal and paint.

The best part is it is in this log house I spent years helping to build with a good friend.

He and this structure play a huge role in my artistic awakening.

We still build things together when we can.

Spinning Wire with Circles Christopher Pollock Art
Spinning Wire with Circles Christopher Pollock Art


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Small Black Circle Mobile

I was trying to get a picture of this mobile without moving it and not having the caricatures of my family on the wall show.

Wasn’t working. Why not show them?

(They were done by Adam English, a college classmate who happened to be running the art department at a nearby amusement park we occasionally visit.)

The mobile is an early one of the black circle era. It is a little different. Just playing around experimenting.

Small Black Circle Mobile  Christopher Pollock
Small Black Circle Mobile Christopher Pollock
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Early Pollock Mobile Orange Squares

Found this image of a mobile I had forgotten about. The date of the file is 2002. It could be older.

Seems like black circles were not the only mobiles I was making at that time.

Orange squares/black circles?

Hopefully it is indicative of artistic experimentation.

Funny I recently did orange circles!

Time for some black circles? That would balance it out!

It’s all about balance.

Christopher Pollock art Orange Squares
Christopher Pollock art Orange Squares
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Small S Shape Kinetic Art Sculpture

Very light. Very thin. Aluminum and wire.

Building this kind of sculpture has it’s challenges. Imagining a thing is first and usually the easy part.

There is the cutting and shaping. Then balancing and dropping (sometimes a lot).

They just sit on a balance point. A little air can move them.

A cat can send them flying to the floor in pieces!

There is often a loud noise when the metal hits the floor or table.

Scares the cat!

Good news is the art and cat are usually fine.


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Multi-Color Circle Mobile Art

Time to mix up the posts a little. There is more to this than stick art. There are mobiles and other kinetic sculpture. The Christmas gift/ornament prototype is underway. Copper is being collected and patinated. We have been traveling a lot and seeing many of my older works and going to see places and art that will certainly inspire new sculptures.

This mobile is one of a few of the circle kind I like to make. There are at least five this year so far. Only one of them is the usual black. Trying some color this time.